Sunday, February 7, 2016

February Post

In 2016  you have a bonus day, February 29th.  Great day to write your blog post or comment on someone else's!  Last Friday, Michelle Jones was with us to talk about opinion, persuasion and argumentation writing.  Continue with the Connect, Extend, Challenge routine and write about one of the following:
  • Tell the reader about how that work resonated with you and your teaching practice and the ways that you will use that PD with your students.
  • Write about your progression in writing to support understanding.  As you reflect on your post from January, what is your thinking now?  How has your thinking changed or stayed the same?
As always, these are suggestions on how you can structure your writing.  You are welcome to stray from the Connect, Extend, Challenge routine if you feel it is not working for you.  Adding pictures, work samples, student reactions are a great way to really drive home your work for the reader.

This post is due on February 12th, comments due a week after that.  Keep it simple, keep it concise, do it before the 29th!

Thanks all...

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