Friday, February 26, 2016

Erosional Landforms: Connect-Extend-Challenge

Connect, Extend, and Challenge : Erosional Landforms

In Science this trimester, we have be studying weathering, erosion, and deposition. Most of the work has been pretty straightforward with lots of work on definitions and basic understanding of the concepts .That is why I was pretty excited about relating erosion to their everyday lives. Students listened and read an NPR article on how a hurricane was able to erode parts of the beaches and how it impacts the communities around the beaches. Students were given the opportunity to examine all sides of the argument for and against beach nourishment and its cost. Many students were able to use their understanding of erosion and their experiences of going to the support their debates. . The debates were very lively and I think kids got the opportunity to understand how erosion has a very serious impact on communities. Lastly, students were given the challenge to write an essay pro or against beach nourishment programs. They had to choose only one side. I am in the process of grading the papers but I am excited to read their arguments.


  1. I'm trying my best to bring a heavy writing piece into science this year as well. It sounds like the kids were pretty engaged in the process and hopefully it led to some great argumentative writing. I appreciate hearing how this works in sixth grade, it gives me an idea of what they need to be able to do as a scientific writer. I'm still working on what an opinion is!

  2. It is so nice to see the range of what kids do every year and how each year adds to the next. In Kindergarten the persuasive aspect looks like choose yes or no and giving one solid reason (not just because I like it). It is fun to read and see the progression of what is to come in third and sixth from kinder.

  3. This sounds fascinating. I'd love to read some of their essays. I've found that kids, like adults, think more about real issues than a contrived test question. There are definitely two sides to any environmental issue, especially around the question if man should "fix" the problem or let nature take its course. Good one!