Sunday, November 15, 2015

First Post Due January 22nd

Your first post for the Writing to Support Understanding Blog is going to be your response to the Connect, Extend, Challenge routine:
  • Help the reader connect with your work so far.  What is your 'problem of practice?'  This could be your inquiry question that you are grappling with in your inquiry group, or it could be another question that you are working on around the topic of supporting student's understanding through writing.  Give some background information about your thinking.
  • What is extending you as a teacher and / or learner?  What work have you tried so far?  Describe successes and missteps.  
  • What is a challenge you as you move forward?  What is your plan for the next month?  Have you chosen a specific path based on your coaching session with Michelle, or from the work that you students are producing?  What questions are still lingering? What are you not sure of YET?
The questions and prompts above are just to provide some guidance.  Please feel free to describe your work so far in your own words in whatever way you feel comfortable.