Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Writing Constructed Responses

A large part of March was spent refining the art of writing an amazing constructed response.  Through exit slips and other avenues I found that many of my students were not correctly determining what they are being asked to answer.  Many of the responses I was receiving from the students did not answer the question.  I found that I needed to back up and focus on what was being asked in order to have them create the amazing responses.  In some cases the students were asked to write an expression and they wrote an answer.  In other examples students were asked to show work and explain, but all they put was an answer.  In one problem students were asked to write an explanation that included three bullet points that were listed above the explanation space.  Many students only included one or maybe two of the bulleted points in their explanations.   After guided instruction and modeling, here are some of the newly refined and perfected responses.

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  1. Your post makes me wonder how we can align certain parts of our practices so that kids would be able to do this by 5th grade. I know that I struggle with this exact same thing in 3rd grade. Kids might understand the concept of the constructed response, they simply aren't determining importance to ask themselves what they are supposed to be finding out! I think the is really something we can conquer if we put our heads together!